*Aethyriek (bat):

Recalling Chiroptera” — brief piece on the constancy of bat-ness amongst chronic memory loss

*Citrakayah (cheetah):

Motionless Claws” — essay about experiencing being a cheetah therian

“Spirits of the Wind” — poetic imagery expressing being cheetah and kinship to them

*Gin (rodent-hearted):

*Khamaseen (giraffe):

Skyward & Grounded” — verbal imagery of experiencing giraffe

*Miushra (Named feline fictionkin):

A Problem in the Therian Community” — difficulties in the therian community about having a fictional or fantastical theriotype

Comparing One Named to the Named” — extensive essay that explores various aspects of being a Named feline fictionkin

*Pantairin (deer):

My Antlers Tell Lies” — experiences in being a deer cladotherian

*Poppy (bison):

Being Bison” — describes her experience in figuring out & in being an American bison therian

*Tamuril (horse & cat):

A Lurking Predator & a Playful Beauty” — a very raw, detailed and image-heavy entry about both her cat and horse aspects being prominent at the same time

Fear & Boldness” — describes how cat is both bold and fearful depending on the circumstances and also how horse, being scared, is mixed into those times as well

*Sondu (duiker):

The Dao of Duiker” — an interesting writing on what it is like for him to be a duiker (type of antelope) therian.

*Sonne (domestic horse & mongoose):

Domestic & Wild” — explores the concepts of domestic, feral, and wild in relation to her therianthropy and her specific theriotypes, including how those concepts affect or connect with her human life through therianthropy

Hooves Beat as Hearts” — prose-format piece about her longing to run as Horse; focused on imagery, it describes sensations and desires related to being horse

Midnight Sand” — detailed, comprehensive description of what it is like for her to be a horse therian

Threshold of Escape” — poem describing her reaction to a threat from her equine perspective

*Swift (hawk & wolverine):

*Syd the Kid (goat):

To be the ‘Under-Goat’” — short writing on some aspects related to being a goat therian

*Your Deer (deer & horse):

I am Not the Grace of the Doe” — explains how deer stereotypes do not fit their experience in being deer

Writing on Horse” — describes experiencing aspects of horse, especially anger, frustration, and determination