Fantastical & Humanoids

*Absol (absol therian):

Experiences” — short writing on being a Pokemon absol therian

*Cavern-Risen (garou/werewolf):

Way of this Werewolf” — extensive essay about being garou/werewolf fictionkin

*Dash L. Duke (basilisk):

Being Basilisk, Being Human” — living in a human body as a basilisk & fascination with that experience

Interview with a Basilisk” – extensive, descriptive writing about various aspects of their basilisk species

*Ebony (thestral):

Fangs, Flesh, & Flight” — describes aspects of being a thestral fictionkin with an emphasis on their phantom and innerworld body

*Emi (mountain banshee/ikran):

Alone in the Flock” — feelings of loneliness amongst trying to find others with a banshee ‘kintype

Banshee Intro” — introduction mentioning aspects of being a mountain banshee

Ikran tì’i’avay krrä” — essay describing figuring out that they are a mountain banshee/ikran from the movie “Avatar”

Machine Animality” — describes thoughts involving being a mechanical animal & how that is still a therianthropic experience

*Jasper (Alolan marowak fictherian):

The Fire Burns Bright” — description of how animality comes through being an Alolan marowak (pokemon) fictherian

*LunarWing (winged feline – felidavian):

My Story & Experiences as a Felidavian Shifter” — describes various aspects of being a felidavian (winged feline creature)

*Paracosmic (jackalope):

*Rex of the Anomaly (MissingNo pokemon):

*Sonne (vampire’kin & monster-hearted):

Behind a Vampiric Grin” — exploring aspects of her mentality as a blutpir vampirekin

Being Blutpir” — description of various aspects of being vampirekin

Beneath the Surface” — trying to understand a part of myself through concepts of monstrosity

Contemplations on Vampire Otherkin” — various thoughts on wondering about people who may identify as having a vampire ‘kintype and questioning if my own “vampire-aspect” is otherkin based

Monsters, Vampires, & Personal Animality“– thoughts about me as vampire’kin & my relation to monstrosity

On Being Monster-Hearted” — expressing honesty and acceptance of myself as being monster-hearted throughout my life

Possible Vampire Fictionkin” — considering my vampire ‘type as from a fictional source instead of myth/folklore