Birds & Herps

Birds, Reptiles, & Amphibians

*Cento (hawk & wolverine):

*Hatchet Face (eagle):

*Hemlock (roadrunner):

Bird Identity” — writing that goes over being a roadrunner bird

Butch as a Bird” — gender in relation to being nonhuman (bird)

*Ilrak (raven & ceratosaurus):

About Being Raven & Ceratosaurus Stelliferoforme” — long essay on being raven, ceratosaurus, and stelliferoforme

Triple Consciousness” — poetry deeply describing being a black, American raven therian

*Indornaga (swamp indoraptor):

Swamp Indoraptor – A Variation” — description of deir indoraptor ‘type written in an objective, observational style

*Noel Sol (neosuchian & dragon):

Twisting Intersections” — about being dragon & neosuchian & how those two blend & are separate

*Nomad (deinonychus):

Deconstructing the Raptor” — explanation of various ways he experiences being a deinonychus therian

On Extinction” — description of being an animal from another time and environment far passed and feeling like the “living remains” of an extinct species

*Quatz (emerald tree boa & resplendent quetzal bird):

Iridescent Green Feathers & Scales” — a long essay on being boa and bird (hosted off-site)

Feathers & Scales” — describes being a blend of emerald tree boa and resplendent quetzal

*Serpentine Zebra (cobra):

“Snake Eyes: Living as a Cobra Therian” — a descriptive essay on a rarely written about subject (being a reptile (more specifically snake) therian) that traces from her early recognition of being a cobra to how it manifests as a part of herself

*Shimi (saltwater crocodile):

Journals 001” — imagery describing a strong connection & sense of self in crocodiles

Journals 002” — comparing selkie lore to therianthropy & some ways the author lives their life as a crocodile therian

Nest” — a brief piece on a crocodile’s nest

To Love a Crocodile” — third-person description of a crocodile-person spouse

*Sonne (winged theropod (erdvogel)):

Designing a Theriotype” — provides description of how I went about narrowing my 4th theriotype’s identity down to a seemingly yet-undiscovered kind of winged theropod; also works as a good example for one method of figuring out specifics of oneself as an extinct theriotype

On Wings of a Living Past” — describes various details of what it is like for me to be, therianthropically, a winged theropod, with particular emphasis on understanding and phantom sensations of that theropod’s body

Vogel” — poem about experiencing feathered theropod & angel, both as bird-like

*Swift (previously raven & osprey; currently hawk & wolverine):

Cento” — description of aspects of experiencing wolverine and Harris hawk

Voice Against Value” — brief writing on being raven & osprey in relation to autism