“Hooves Beat as Hearts” by Sonne; 2/25/07

The haunting call of the Run echoes perpetually within my ears—instinctual, innate, a lasting yearning that resonates throughout my being, throughout my soul. Held within it is comfort, safety, and survival. It’s solace to the herds I’m spiritually bound to. The herds of a thundering percussion of drums that pound their hooves across the ancient lands and skies; that have propelled themselves onward through history and time by their integral instincts. Wilderness thrives within their beating hooves and hearts, as it thrives within my soul.

Anxiety strikes. Instincts seek for protection, for comfort from this disheartening threat. Body tenses; building potential energy to ready for sudden flight. Powerful heart begins to race in fear and anxiety, eyes widen and pupils dilate, ears swing forward-and-back, breathing increases—deeper, heavier than before. Hooves become anxious and rear into the air only to plummet forcibly down to paw at the ground while power builds in tensed chest muscles that await the second of release into that wonderful run. The wait continues, as the tension increases—now allowing neighs and snorts to escape where no breath creates them. Muscular, curved neck arches beautifully to dip the head down and to the side as it gently swings and tosses from side to side—sending soft waves of black hair quietly singing through the air for brief seconds.

Yet…the body holds back, it refuses the instincts, it refuses to flee for safety, freedom, and solace. Like a gate around me, holding me in before I can run; or a bit pulled by reins to steady me from flight. As mustangs tamed through binding ropes while they scream, kick, and yearn for their release and freedom. I stop and come back into the realization of my limitations—limits to the fulfillment of longing I hold so deeply. My body cannot satisfy the Run; I cannot sweep across the land on strong quadrupedal legs amongst the Herd that sings their thundering calls to me. Literal fulfillment is out of reach, but my dreams can hold the warmth and embrace that the physical limits from me. Within dreams, within visuals, I can delve into the Run. If only such to my heart’s content?

Forelegs tense, shifting weight from one to the other; tail swishes, ears flick, neck slightly arches. A quick jet of breath is expelled through nostrils. Within an instant, body bursts into acceleration, pushed on by four powerful legs—potential energy is finally forced into kinetic strides. First forelegs strike the ground, one immediately following the other, as they both slide back to nearly meet hindlegs. The exchange of striking is carried to the hindlegs as they kick the ground and swing back to continue the cycle. Body and spine pulsate upward and downward to the rhythmic beat of the legs while neck steadies head during flight. Heart and lungs perform a melody as fresh blood rushes through vessels, sending revitalizing oxygen throughout body and mind–feeling freedom and life flowing through me as never before.

Grasslands sing harmoniously with my body as I carry myself further forward across pastures and plains of luscious green—vibrant sky above and streams of warming sunlight dancing across my skin and fur. Light glares the contrast of sand-colored body touched by ebony points blurring in movement. Waves of black hair—mane and tail—streak the air as flames breathing life; streaks that gently sweep across and lick at my neck and face. Eyes open and aware, watching scenery rush by and herdmates pushing on in a tidal wave of percussion and movement. This is vivacious life; safety and sanctuary as I glide across the ground, away from danger and fear to a new destination, be it a place or simply just this journey of the Run. This is freedom and home amongst the Herd as we carry ourselves, stride-by-stride, onward, wherever this may take us.

Don’t hold back; don’t fear the flight; embrace freedom and release from reins.

Just let myself run.

~Sonne 2/25/07