Experiencing Animality

We Are Not Alone


Radiant Obscurities (RO) is a project & site for content, mainly writings, about personal animality & the experience of “being animal” from therians, otherkin, & other alterhumans, but for animal types that are uncommon or rare in those communities.

The ultimate goal of this project is to help others with experiences of being animal realize & feel that they are not alone. I want that more than anything else from this project.

The site will be maintained by myself, Sonne, rather than content being uploaded directly by other content creators.


Tumblr Page: here.

Discord Link: here.

Tumblr Submission Page: here.

It is easier to say what kind of content wouldn’t fit rather than what will, but generally common therio-/‘kintypes, such as felines, canines, dragons, & angels, are not the aim of this project because they are easier to find. However, exceptions to this rule of thumb may occur (for example, a type of dragon or canine-like creature that is rare in these communities). If you are unsure at all, feel free to message me & I will let you know if I feel it fits. If I decline it, it’s not personal, I’m just trying to keep focused of the aim & theme for this project/site.

Forms of content accepted are writings (poetry, prose, essays, musings, etc.) & possibly artwork. Other forms of content may be accepted, too, depending on what you all show interest in seeing or submitting. However, mood/aesthetic boards, selfies, & memes, as well as content that is not your own will not be accepted & I may add to this list at any time.

Please keep content PG-13 (I want to keep it accessible to a wider audience). Expletives are okay in the content but don’t be offensive or prejudice.

Submissions can be the actual content or links to the content.  On Tumblr, you can use the suggested tags when submitting or alternatively write those tags in your post if you don’t want them to appear in the given Tumblr tags.

Thank you to all who contribute to this project.

Permissions & Usage of Content:

By submitting content to me/Radiant Obscurities you are granting permission for me to repost that content here on the official Radiant Obscurities (RO) website. However, if at any point you want to revoke that permission & have the content removed from the RO website, you have to contact me with that request so that I can fulfill it. I do not intend to post the content elsewhere beyond stating the title, author, & brief description of the content.